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Club Celiac is a site for children of all ages to learn how to cope with Celiac Sprue and/or
Dermatitis Herpetiformis. Being a Celiac kid is a challenge, especially when eating out. Club Celiac offers recipes and helpful hints on how to avoid gluten. We hope you have a great time and come back and visit often.

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Gluten Free Commados

  The Gluten Free Commandos - Our fabulous GF Commandos have gathered a lot of great
  information for their fellow celiacs including a
Gluten Free Shopping Guide,
  Guide to Eating out Safely, and they have even partnered with Cafe Press to create
  some great
Celiac Merchandise 

Flower Pot Icon  Hey everyone, come check out our reviews of gluten free manufacturers. This month we are reviewing
     two new vendors. The Crab Ladies and Snacks for Life

                                     Check out our review of this great new product here at:  
                                                    Does That G.F. Food Taste Good? 

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 In the News - Articles pertaining to Celiac Sprue, Dermatitis Herpetiformis and
                                 Food Allergies that have been published online by local and national
                                 newspapers, journals and magazines.

  Flower Pot Icon   Katherine's Corner - Have fun telling us what gross out products you have seen or gross out
          stories about foods that contain gluten that make you thankful you are a Celiac.

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Warning Sign   Is Rice Really Gluten Free ?  

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